All prices are approximate depending on the fabric choice and the amount of free motion quilting detail.  
Since I encourage custom orders, someone might want plain and simple which will be less expensive to produce than a more intricate design featured on the Vibrant Love Quilt

Bag and Purse Prices:
Market Bag $38
Mollie Bag or Rain Bag type $48
Clutch $35
Zipper Pouch $18

Blanket Prices:
double sided Flannel 40"x44"  $38
Travel Flannel 30"x30"  $30
Silk and fabric snuggle 24"x24"  $30

Quilt Prices: 
Doll Quilt/ place mat size  $45
Travel Quilt 30"x30"  $75 and up
Lap Quilt/ floor play size 45"x50"  $100 and  up
Crib Quilt $165 and up
Twin Quilt $250 and up

Bibs and stuff:  
Cloth towel bib (fits baby and toddler)  $20
Baby fabric bib $20
Toddler Laminate $30
Baby Laminate $25
Mini-Minky with Ribbons  $24
Burp Cloths  $8 each or 3 for $22

Baby Gift Set:
Contact me for pricing, 
discount available.